Forest Grove Volunteer Fire Company 

​Station 43-5

To all of our citizens, we have been notified that there is currently a scam being perpetrated in the name of Forest Grove Volunteer Fire Company for the solicitation of donations.
Please know that the Forest Grove Volunteer Company only solicits donations in the form of a mailer.  We will never solicit donations electronically.  If you see this scam please report it to the proper authorities and delete the message.

Forest Grove Volunteer Fire Company, Station 43-5 Mission Statement

The Forest Grove Volunteer Fire Company Station 43-5 shall strive to provide to the residents and businesses of The Township of Franklin and its neighboring communities the highest standard of Fire and Rescue services. We will achieve this goal through prevention, suppression and quick response, while at the same time maintaining loyalty, integrity, accountability and teamwork.

We will use the latest in standardized policies, training and education on the latest techniques and equipment while maintaining the highest level of safety to our members, and preventing or minimizing the loss of life, property damage, pain and suffering as the result of an emergency incident or event.

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Proudly serving our community for over 60 years. 

In 1949, after a dwelling fire took the lives of 3 children, 10 local men pitched in fifty dollars each and founded the Forest Grove Volunteer Fire Company.

Frank Allonardo Sr., Ralph Burrell, Sylvester Cifaloglio, Americo Crescitelli, Charles DeWoody Sr., Angelo Mastro, James Pacitto, Joseph Scapellato Sr., Arthur Smith and John Tarozzi used their five hundred dollar investment and purchased a 1935 Aherens-Fox engine from the Salem, New Jersey Fire Department. This original engine still proudly resides in the firehouse. 

The funds for additional fire equipment were raised by having card parties held at Allonardo's Garage.
After renting a piece of ground and a building from the Forest Grove Athletic Association for several years, both were purchased from the Athletic Association. 

On March 7th, 1950 the Forest Grove Volunteer Fire Company was incorporated.

The Fire Company has since grown from the original 10 founders and 1 engine to a company of over 60 members and multiple pieces of equipment.